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Dupont rail

A unique intersection of Toronto's History

Dupont Street is named after John Dupont Wells, oldest son of landowner Colonel Joseph Wells, who lived in this part of Toronto in the early 1800’s. The street has always been heavily commercial because of its proximity to the railroad but its character is changing, with a number of residential developments planned for the 2020’s.

Railroad tracks are plentiful in this part of Toronto, with the Metrolinx Line – built in 1831 – intersecting the CPR track between Dupont and Davenport, and the UP Express line operating a few hundred meters away.
Dupont Rail is located at the intersection of the Metrolinx Line and Dupont St., just west of Lansdowne. 

Dupont st. Toronto, historic photo
Dupont railway historic photo toronto

Dupont Rail

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